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Agarbatti-Dhoop Stick Smoke Health

Agarbatti-Dhoop Stick
Agarbatti-Dhoop Stick

Agarbatti-Dhoop Stick Smoke Health

Agarbatti-Incense Sticks are one of the traditional item in every home. It is mostly used in Hindu rituals, be it a special occasion, puja, marriage, ceremony or any thing people lite Incense Sticks.

Agarbatti signifies spirituality, peace and prosperity. No Hindu pooja is complete without burning an agarbatti. Hindus, Buddhists, Christians etc. use Incense Sticks to purify and freshen the air.

Shocking part is that the smoke emitted from Agarbatti-Incense Sticks is dangerous to health, usage of agarbattis can cause more harm than good to your health.

A study found that inhaling Agarbatti-Incense Sticks Smoke is more dangerous than that of the cigarette smoke. A group of researchers in China stated that burning incense could be a cancer risk.

Scientists in South China University of Technology on research found that Incense Stick smoke is mutagenic, genotoxic and cytotoxic where mutagenic causes changes at the DNA level, genotoxic causes genetic changes leading to cancer and cytotoxic is so toxic that it kills your cells.

The toxins released from Agarbatti-Dhoop Sticks smoke can make genetic mutations and changes in cells DNA, all of which can lead to cancer.

Another study in the Journal of the American Cancer Society said that the long term exposure to agarbatti fumes put you at an increased risk of upper respiratory tract cancer, The Health Site reported.

Once you breathe in the smoke coming from agarbattis, it gets trapped in the lungs which can lead to an inflammatory reaction. The pollutants released from these fumes cause inflammation of the bronchial tubes, which pass air to the lungs. This may result in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma.

Agarbatti-Dhoop Stick fumes is also known to trigger neurological problems including migraines, headaches and forgetfulness.

Is It Good To Burn Agarbatti-Dhoop Sticks At Home?
It is not good to Burn Agarbatti-Dhoop Sticks at home or spiritual places(temple) which does not have ventilation, make sure that you have good ventilation and don’t buy cheap sticks.

People suffering with lung disease should avoid burning Incense Sticks or in-hail Agarbatti Smoke

Parents should avoid burning Agarbatti-Dhoop Sticks when kids are around.

Note : One should only buy branded Agarbatti-Dhoop Sticks, Burn Agarbatti-Dhoop Sticks where there is proper ventilation

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