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Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi-Vinayaka Chavithi With An Eco-Friendly Clay Idols

Matti Ganapathi-Clay Ganesh
Matti Ganapathi-Clay Ganesh

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi-Vinayaka Chavithi With An Eco-Friendly Clay Idols ie. Matti Ganapathi

Do we really need big Idols for Ganesh Chaturthi-Vinayaka Chavithi festival Celebrations?

The Ganesha idols, especially the big ones, are made up of Plaster of Paris, which is a non-biodegradable substance, the chemical dyes and colors being used to colour them contain poisonous elements.

Particularly, Red, Blue, Orange and Green colors contain Mercury, Zinc oxide, Chromium and Lead, the potential causes of developing cancer.In the name of celebration, we pollute the water bodies when we immerse such Ganeshas in nearby lakes or rivers.

What Puranas say about ganesh idol in Ganesh Chaturthi-Vinayaka Chavithi festival Celebrations
On auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi maximum power of Ganesha decent to earth its called All pervading powers of GOD‘s love.

This powers or blessing are absorbed by only natural clay, so one should do puja to Ganesh-Ganapati or perform Ganesh Chaturthi-Vinayaka Chavithi with clay-mud Idols only. The pure spiritual particles (pavitraks) of Ganapati get attracted to a greater extent towards an idol made of mud than to that made of plaster of Paris.

Epics say that Ganesha’s mother, Parvathi Devi, prepared a clay doll, gave life to it and called it Ganesha. Make this Ganesh Chaturthi-Vinayaka Chavithi memorable with clay idols of Ganesha and get blessing of lord ganesh-ganapati.

Any imbalance of Ganesha principle causes earthquakes and destruction of earth. Therefore this Ganesha Chaturthi makes divine choice by bringing an eco-friendly clay idol.

Whats Our view and suggestions on Performing Ganesh Chaturthi-Vinayaka Chavithi
As per my view we definitely don’t need big idols for Ganesh Chaturthi-Vinayaka Chavithi festival, neither Purana nor Ganesha said of using big idols to worship on Ganesh Chaturthi-Vinayaka Chavithi festival.

we the people wasting lots of money in buying, displaying big idols of ganesh. Instead of spending lots of money on idols if we donate that money to homeage, orphanage or serve the poor… i think 10-15% of poverty will be eradicated in India.

in puranas, history its stated as the correct way of offering puja to ganapathi-ganesh is by using Idols made of mud during Ganesh Chaturthi-Vinayaka Chavithi festival.

people wake up… dont go for show ups… serve the poor instead of spending lots of money on big big idols…

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for example : think 50 lakh family donating amount of rs. 51 for ganesh idol it goes around in crores… if that amount is spend on home age, orphanage or serving the poor, definitely ganapathi-ganesh will be happy on his devotees

Serve the poor – Eradicate poverty – Aum Shree Ganeshay Namah:

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