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CTS Cheque-New Bank Cheque Format In India

Bank Cheque Book
Bank Cheque Book

CTS Cheque-New Bank Cheque Format In India

Many people who have bank accounts with cheque book might not used their cheques for money transactions, some people might not get a chance to do money transactions which cheque too. But its time now people are going to banks to withdraw money through cheques.

One thing you should know that you will not be able to use your old cheque books. most of the people dont know this and go with their old cheque book to withdraw money. using of old cheque books were stopped from 1 January 2014.

CTS (Cheque Truncation System) cheque are introduced which are safe and secure Also, electronic processing of cheques will be much convenient.

How To Know My Cheque Book Is Valid Or How to identify a new cheque leaf
To know whether the cheque with you is new or old, have a glance on your bank cheque and see whether the below points are on your cheque or not:

1) The new cheque books shall have Indian financial system code (IFSC).

2) Standardized date Format.

3) All the banks will be embedded with respective bank’s logo and address printed by ultraviolet (UV) ink on the left side top corner.

4) At the left side of the cheque you will find a watermark of CTS-2010 printed.

5) Account Number Field Should be printed with your bank account number, rubber stamp of your bank account number is also acceptable

6) Void Pantograph is embossed on left hand side of the cheque leaf.

7) You can see new rupee symbol on the leaf where you write money in figures.

8) Signature place is made more visible and clear and words with ‘please sign above this line’ at the right bottom corner of the cheque.

9) “Payable at par at all branches of the bank in India” text will be at the bottom of all the cheques.

Note : if you are bearing old cheque books then you need to apply for a new cheque book in your bank.

What is CTS cheque?
CTS (Cheque Truncation System) cheque is here to replace old format cheques with new techniques. All banks will have it in the same size and format.

The cheque will bear a unique watermark specific to its bank, which can be read under UV light.

Earlier, cheques used to be manually sent to clearing house for clearing. The cheques used to be further sent to their respective branches for payment.

However, just a scanned copy of a CTS cheque will be sent to the respective branch for clearance and signature verification.

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