Home Health Eating Food Packed In Newspaper Is Dangerous To Health

Eating Food Packed In Newspaper Is Dangerous To Health

Food Packed-Wrapped In Newspaper
Food Packed-Wrapped In Newspaper

Eating Food Packed In Newspaper Is Dangerous To Health

Eating food wrapped in newspaper is dangerous to health even if the food has been cooked hygienically. At home we see our family use newspaper to remove excess oil from foods

ie. to remove excess oil from foods like garelu, vadalu, pakodi, puri, punugu, mirchi bajji, chapathi, methati appachilu, after cooking they keep on newspaper to dry up the oils without knowing the danger.

Wrapping food in newspaper to remove excess oil and taking that food leads to various cancers. The ink used in the newspapers contains harmful chemicals like dyes, alcohol, pigments, binders, preservatives and additives,

when food is wrapped in a newspaper the ink gets diluted and is mixed with the food. If consumed could be fatal to health.

Chemicals contain in newspaper ink as well as chemical solvents used to dissolve ink on newspapers contain cancer causing elements.

when these oily or wet foods kept on newspaper, dangerous chemicals like graphite etc get mixed with the food and consuming this food mixed with these chemical when consumed in small quantities, these substances cause minor stomach upset.

However, overdose can cause stomach poisoning and also lead to cancer-related health complications and will put you under risk of serious health problems related to lungs, bladder, kidneys, digestion problems, bones and hormones disruption.

Naturally any toxins or chemicals present in our body gets flushed out, but graphite that enters your body dosent get flushed out and gets stored in your body which is very dangerous.

Older people, children and people with compromised vital organs and immune systems are at a greater risk of acquiring cancer-related health complications if they are exposed to food packed in such material

So it is better to avoid Roadside chhole-kulche served on a newspaper plate, bhelpuri served in a newspaper cone, break pakoras served on newspaper as prevention is better than cure so we suggest you to be cautions as many street vendors, fast foods, tiffin centers and janatha bars pack food in newspapers.

For Good hygiene wrap food items in butter paper, tissue paper or Aluminum foils instead of newspapers. Not only that we should not clean our hands with newspaper also.

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