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Eruvaka Pournami Festival

Eruvaka Pournami Festival
Eruvaka Pournami Festival

Eruvaka Pournami Festival

Eruvaka Pournami or Eruvaka Punnami is farmers festival which is celebrated by welcoming the new agricultural season (kharif season), Eruvaka Pournami is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is also celebrated in many parts of south India.

Eruvaka Pournami falls either in May or in the early part of the June (i.e on full moon day of jyesta masam – month), the purnima day which comes after mrigasira karthe.

According to Indian culture, Eruvaka Pournami is one of the ancient festival which is celebrated in rural areas with great devotion. Eruvaka means First line with a plough for the season (modati dukki dunnatam in telugu)

On this day Agriculturists or farmers worship the yoke, the plough and the bulls with turmeric and kumkum. On this day farmers bathe bulls, decorate their bulls and horns with different colors and hang bells under their neck.

yoke – plough is also decorated with colors and flowers. Coconuts are broken either at home or in the field, in-front of the yokes and bulls.

Bhakshyalu / Bobbatlu is offered to bulls and home made payasam is shared with their children and relatives. Bulls and Plough are passed through streets (veedhullo ooreginchadam) and reach their field.

Here they pray to land (bhudevi) and start their first plough (modati nagali dhukki). It is also believed that even a little shower (rain) falls on mrigasira karthe day then that year would be good – wonderful year for farmers.

Eruvaka Purnima is also known as Krushi Purnima in other parts of India.

Kittugadu wishes all a HAPPY Eruvaka Pournami

According to Indian farming, The Indian cropping season is classified into two main seasons ie Kharif and Rabi. The kharif cropping season is from July – October.

The Rabi cropping season is from October-March. The crops grown between March and June are summer crops.

The kharif crops include rice, maize, sorghum, pearl millet / bajra, finger millet / ragi (cereals), arhar (pulses), soyabean, groundnut (oilseeds), cotton etc.

The rabi crops include wheat, barley, oats (cereals), chickpea/gram (pulses), linseed, mustard (oilseeds) etc.

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