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Foods That Keeps You Cool This Summer


Foods That Keeps You Cool This Summer

Temperatures are reaching high this summer, problems such as heat cramps, heat rashes, pimples, dizziness, dehydration, summer stroke, body heat, skin sensitivities, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are main occurrence in the summer.

By following simple things you can keep your body temperature under control and prevent yourself from getting a sunstroke or from getting your body dehydrated.

Body heat or heat stress is the common problem in summer due to hot weathers. Playing or working under sunlight, eating foods that produce heat, hot weather and drinking less water are some reasons for body heat, By eating healthy food and keeping ourself hydrated keeps us away from several health problems.

By drinking water, healthy juices, fruits and vegetables you will be able to flush out toxins as well as keeping your body cool, so be prepared to face this summer with body cooling foods

Below are Foods That Reduce Body Heat And Keeps You Hydrated This Summer:

Water : Drinking water keeps you hydrated and keeps your body cool, Our body contains water and in summer due to heat our body sweat out, so drinking 3-4 liters of water in summer keeps you energetic or can help get rid of a fatigue due to excessive sweating.

Basil Seeds-Sabja : Basil Seeds-Sabja ginjalu act as a coolant, they have a cooling effect that can reduce the body heat. soak Sabja ginjalu in water whole night and drink water with Basil Seeds in the morning. Basil Seeds also improve digestive health, reduce inflammation.

Finger Millet-Ragi : Millet-Ragi has cooling effect to the body heat. You can prepare Ragi java and drink, you can also mix ragi jawa in butter milk and drink. Ragi jaava is an ideal beverage to beat the heat in summers.

Yoghurt-Curd : Yoghurt or Curd is one of the healthiest food to have in summer. It keeps your body cool and healthy, It keeps your body light by having it in your lunch and dinner. Yogurt also adds a dose of probiotics, beneficial bacteria that keeps your digestive system running smoothly.

Buttermilk-Lassi : Butter milk will control your body temperature. Butter milk-majjiga helps in providing all the lost probiotics, minerals and vitamins due to excessive sweat.

Coconut Water-Nariyal Paani : Coconut Water also known as Nariyal Paani-Kobbari bondam is one of the most nutritious foods to have this summer and is a best natural energy drink. They are naturally filled with electrolytes which help keep you hydrated and keeps your body cool.

Watermelon : Watermelon has anti-oxidants and a lot of water in it, so drinking Watermelon-Puchakaya juice or eating Watermelon will keeps your body hydrate.

Cucumber : Cucumber-Keera Dosakaya is very rich in water and effective in providing cooling effect to the body. Cucumber also helps in flush out toxins and aid in digestion. Having Cucumber daily reduces body heat naturally.

Sugarcane Juice : Sugarcane Juice-Cheruku Rasam gives you instant energy, it also cools your body and also helps you survive a bit longer under the heat.

Lemon – Lemon Juice : Lemon is great booster of immunity, It also battle heat stroke and dehydration. Try to include lemon in your diet daily.

Mint : Mint has cooling effect to the body. Mint-pudina leaves juice is the perfect medicine to lower body heat. You can even make pudina chutney as a dish in summers.

Mango : Mangoes provide excellent remedies for heat strokes and exhaustion in summers.

Melons : Apart from water melon there are other melons like Honeydew melon, musk melon etc. that cools your body from summer heat.

Radish : Radish is a water rich vegetable, it has the ability to fight heat stress and reduce body heat by cooling your body.

Sesame :

Fennel Seeds : drinking fennel seeds soaked water keeps your body cool. soak fennel seeds over night, strain it and drink in the morning. fennel water is an excellent way to lower body heat. saunf not only cools your body it also improves digestion and reduces bad breath, body odour as well as relieves abdominal cramps gas and bloating.

Pomegranate : Having Pomegranate or Pomegranate juice keeps your body cool and hydrated.

Fenugreek seeds : Drink Fenugreek seeds soaked water get rid of body heat, soak Fenugreek seeds over night, and in the morning strain it and drink.

Oranges : Oranges are rich in potassium, by eating Oranges or drinking Orange juice you can regain the potassium you lost through sweat. Oranges keep you hydrated.

Green leafy vegetables : leafy vegetables contain high amount of water content. leafy vegetables has various health benefits too.

Onions : Onions provide cooling properties, you can eat raw onion or add in your curry or raita. adding onion in your daily diet protects you from sun stroke.

Poppy Seeds : Poppy seeds contain healthy fats and are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Poppy seeds are an integral part of a traditional drink called thandai consumed during the hot summer months in India.

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