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Health Benefits Of Curd-Yogurt


Health Benefits Of Curd-Yogurt

Curd-Yogurt also called as perugu, dahi is not only good in taste but also have amazing health benefits. curd-yogurt is consumed by the people all across the world, but most of the people dont know the benefits. Curd-Yogurt contains a good bacteria called as probiotics.

Curd-Yogurt also called as yoghurt, yoghourt

Curd-Yogurt is known by many other names in India regional wise like :

Curd-Yogurt called in Hindi : Dahi

Curd-Yogurt called in Telugu : Perugu

Curd-Yogurt called in Kannada : Mosaru

Curd-Yogurt called in Malayalam : Tair

Curd-Yogurt called in Tamil : Tayir

Curd-Yogurt called in Marathi : Dahi

Curd-Yogurt called in Bengali : Doi, Dahi

Curd-Yogurt called in Gujarati : Dahim, Dahi

Curd-Yogurt called in Punjabi: Daha, Dahi

Nutritional value Of Curd-Yogurt:

Curd-Yogurt has rich source of vitamins and minerals like omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin K2, enzymes and probiotics

Health Benefits Of Curd-Yogurt:

1) Curd Reduce Stress

2) Yogurt Regulate the digestive system.

3) Curd keeps colds away

4) Yogurt protects your gums

5) Curd Reduce bloating

6) Yogurt is good for teeth as it protects against cavities

7) Curd Lowers the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

8) Yogurt Fights off Vaginal infections

9) Curd Removes dead skin cells

10) Yogurt Lowers the Risk of Colorectal Cancer

11) Curd Improves Bone Strength-Density

12) Yogurt Boosts the Immune System

13) Curd removes fungal infection or dandruff from the hairs

14) Yogurt Reduces High Blood Pressure

15) Curd Reduces Bad Cholesterol

16) Yogurt Regulates Moods ie It Removes Stress and Anxiety

17) Curd Treat Chronic Pain

18) Yogurt promote weight loss

19) Curd Fights off intestinal infections

20) Yogurt removes vaginal yeast infection

21) Curd makes Teeth Healthy and Strong

22) Yogurt Prevents from Ulcer

23) Curd Keeps Colon Healthy

24) Yogurt Enhances Gastric Juice Production

25) Curd Cures Brain Problem

26) Yogurt Burns Extra Fat

27) Curd Keeps your Stomach Full for long time

28) Curd Makes Skin Radiant

29) Yogurt Makes Skin Soft

30) Yogurt Removes Wrinkles

31) Yogurt Prevents from Impotency

32) Curd Prevents Hair Loss

33) Yogurt Makes Skin Soft

34) Curd Improves Hair Shining

35) Yogurt Promotes Hair Growth

36) Curd Provides Cooling Effect to Stomach

37) Yogurt Reduces Pitta

38) Curd Removes Intestinal Problems in Summer

39) Yogurt Makes Abdomen Flat

40) Curd Improves Helpful Intestinal Bacteria

So dont forget to have a cup of Curd-Yogurt in your regular diet to reap all the benefits.

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