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Nagula Chavithi-Naga Chaturthi Festival

Naga Devata-Snake God
Naga Devata-Snake God

Nagula Chavithi-Naga Chaturthi Festival

Nagula Chavithi-Naga Chaturthi is the festival of snake god where serpents are worshipped with great devotion and religious fervour. It is celebrated on the fourth day after Deepavali-Diwali in Kartik month-Karthika Masam.

Nagu means snake and Chaviti means the fourth day of Amavasya from new moon day is observing pooja to Naga Devatha hence, mainly it is the women’s festival.

On the auspicious day of the Nagula Chavithi festival, women wake up early do abhyanga snanam-head bath without use of any kind of shampoo or shikai (On the day before to Nagula chavithi people have to take head bath, because if we do head bath on Nagula chavithi it is believed that we are giving dirt to god) observe fast and worship Naga Devatha.

Naivedyam offered to Naga Devatha on this day is sesame laddu (Nuvvula vanda), vadapappu and chalimidi.

Below is how to prepare sesame laddu (Nuvvula vanda), vadapappu and chalimidi.

Sesame laddu (Nuvvula vanda): Mix sesame and jaggery in equal quantity and do laddus. Jiggery can be mixed as per their taste this is also called as chimmiri.

Vadapappu: Soak half cup of yellow moong dal in two cups of water for about an hour. Drain the water at pooja time.

Chalimidi: soak the rice grains in water for half an hour. drain the water and spread the rice on a clean cloth to air-dry for about 15 minutes. Take the semi dried rice and ground it to fine powder. For 1 cup rice add 1 cup of jaggery and mix well.

How To Celebrate Nagula Chavithi-Naga Chaturthi:

Devotees go to ‘Naga Putta’ (Snake pit) and offer naivedyam and perform puja there.

Take Turmeric, kumkum, cow milk, crackers, coconut, banana, flowers, incense sticks(agarbathi) to the temple.

Go to the Snake pit Decorate it with flowers and pour the cow milk, Turmeric, kumkum, rice flour into the pit.

Put the naivedhyam that is prepared Sesame Laddu, Vadapappu, and Chalimidi near the snake pit. Keep banana, tamboolam ,agarbathi and light a deepam.

Do pradakshinas around the snake pit for 3 or 5 times . Apply soil that is near the snake pit to ears. Fire crackers for formality.

Story-History Behind Nagula Chavithi-Naga Chaturthi:

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The legend behind Nagula Chavithi is :
During the churning of the ocean by Gods and demons in the search of “Amrutham (The nectar od immortality)”, a snake was used as a rope in the process. Then a terrible poison “Garalam” emerged. This poison would have engulfed the whole world, but Bhagavan Shiva or Lord Shiva, swallowed it and retained it in His throat.

Then His throat turned blue – hence, Bhagavan Shiva or Lord Shiva is called as “Neelakantha”. However that time, a few drops of the poison spilled. So, to ward off those evil effects, people worship the Cobra – the king of all snakes, to pacify the brood and protect them from any evil or ill effects.

Scientific Reasons Behind Nagula Chavithi-Naga Chaturthi:
At this time of the year usually early in the morning it is rather cold and snakes in the fields come out of their homes and eat rats which destroy the crops to give us more yield.

Snakes in fresh water kill most of the micro organisms to give safe water for drinking. They are also responsible to make the soil fertile for the crops. We can see how useful these snakes are for humans,and we are very grateful what they do and we need to show gratitude to feed them with milk on Nagula chavithi.

The way the snakes sit curling downwards and sits straight with a hood which exactly resembles humans sitting cross legs with a straight back (spinal cord) ‘Vennu Pusa in Telugu and the hood is our head.

The Snake represents the male generative organ people develop certain mental vibrations on seeing snakes. The human brain acts as the mind, and it in the form of the head of a snake. All the nerves in the body start from the brain, and pass through the neck into the vertebrae. This back bone resembles a snake.

According to psychology, if this part of the body is stimulated, in order to promote fertility, through mental concentration, then the mind responds and engenders the necessary positive effect on the nervous system.

The act of poring pure milk on the hood of snake is in fact the milk which is pure knowledge is being pored on our heads to have good thoughts and to speak good words and act sensibly. This is the spiritual meaning of Nagula chavithi.

Our DNA structure will be in the form of a snake.

The human sperm cells if seen in the microscopic resemble the shape of snake. Their movements will also be similar to snake.

In the Sanathana Dharama, ”Naga Bhandam” symbolize the tradition of husband and wife. The couple should be accompanied in a steady way to achieve the betterment of the spiritual path is reminiscent of the nagabandham.By doing Nagaradhana, there will be no problems in ear and eye.

It is also believed that womb of women can be influenced by snakes, and women without children worship the snake god for progeny.

Benefits of Doing Pooja On Nagula Chavithi-Naga Chaturthi:

women worship the serpent God to bless them with prosperity.

Nagula Chavithi Puja A Ritual For Better Health of Children

Nagula Chavithi puja is observed for children better health.

As per astrology, the planet Rahu represents a snake and is also the deity for Rahu. The effects of Rahu result from the curse of a snake (SarpaDosha- an obstruction to fertility) and this can be rectified by worshiping snakes.

Married couples desirous of having children or those who already have children, should perform Nagula Chavithi

childless couples having delays in children should worshiping Naga devatha-snake god for progeny

Mantra To Get Rid Of Sarpa bhayam and Sarpa dosham:
Recite this mantra to makes yourself free from Sarpa bhayam and Sarpa dosham

Sarpapasarpa bhadranthe dooram gachcha mahavisha
Janamejaya yaganthe asthika vachanam smara
Ananthaya namasthubhyam sahasra shirasthe namaha
Namosthu padmanabhaya nagaanaam pathaye namaha
Anantho vasukim sheshah takshakah kaliyasthadah.

Nava Naga Stotram-Nine Naga Devata Mantram:
Nava Naga Stotram, a powerful mantra for Naga Devata is used to worship the nine Nagas of Hinduism. The names of the nagas are Ananta, Vasuki, Shesha, Padmanabh, Kambal, Shankhapal, Dhrutrashtra, Takshaka and Kalia.

This powerful mantra can be chanted on Naga Panchami, Naga Chaturthi and Shasti days. If the mantra is prayed daily in the morning it will keep one protected from all evils and helps to become victorious in life.

Nine Naga Devata Mantra:
Anantam Vasukim Shesham
Padmanabham cha Kambalam
Shankhapalam Dhartarashtram
Taxakam Kaliyam Tatha

Note: Nagula Chavithi day is noted for offering milk and eggs to the snakes by devotees. Snakes don’t drink milk so this should not be encouraged as it leads to the death of snakes. so better do abhisekham to snake idols.

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